Saturday, July 30, 2011

Pink Dress Toy Camera

I was inspired to use film after hearing Surf Photographer, Matthew O'Brien, talk at the AD conference a few months back. I whipped out my Grandma's Olympus OM-1, an SLR film camera and took two rolls of film with it. Both came out blank, which is an entirely other story, but bare with me here. So I was pretty heartbroken, a week before the trip to Japan and I wasn't going to have a film camera to bring along with me. I then had the idea since I would be in the land of toy cameras, I would buy one over there! Two days into our trip and 30 bucks later, I picked up this bad boy, a “pink dress” wide lens toy camera which takes regular 35mm film

wide lens camera

Unlike some of the other holga camera which take awkward sized film, this camera means you can walk down to your local Big-W for development, woot!

So I took one roll of film in Japan, I had my bag stocked with heaps of rolls, but the unfortunate thing about this camera is that you need sunny days as it only has one set aperture, basically meaning how much light the camera lets in. In this case not too much so you need sunny days otherwise you'll be left with underexposed craptastic photos. During our trip we had a lot of cloudy days! Bummer!

garden taken with wide lens pink camera

I like how the photos come out using this camera and I was really pleased with my Japan roll back from Big-W :) I've decided to save those pictures for now as I want to add them into my zine somehow, which will be fun!

I noticed a website on the packaging just before uploading so I went to check it out, they have a cat gallery on the site, might submit my own!


  1. Cute camera! Superheadz has been on my wishlist for a while, though I just ordered a fisheye so it'll be a while before I can convince myself(read:my mother) to bring yet another camera into the house;)
    Anyway I'm sorry it didn't work well with the Japanese weather, I do recall from being there that despite the nice temperatures there was a lot of overcast.

    I don't know if you ever plan on going back, but a Diana F+(maybe the mini too, I don't know) has settings for different weather, plus a 35mm back you can put on so it uses regular film instead of 120.

    Haha, love that cat gallery! Thanks for the tip:)

  2. yeah we went in the rainey season oops, so I guess that's too be expected hey :P

    Don't know too much about the Diana F+ be super nice to have different settings and the 35mm option too, must look into it!



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