Saturday, July 30, 2011

Cats and Camera

black 2

Since Japan, I've discovered an appreciation for cats. I grew up with a few bad cat experiences, plus only ever having dogs as pets.
As a dog lover the way I saw it was, dogs want to make you happy, whilst cats didn't really care at all.

My first positive cat encounters came from Heather's lovely cats. I remember one morning after a sleep over, being woken up by someone tapping me on the face. I thought I must have still been dreaming when I realised it was a cat's paw, trying to wake me up. That was the first step in breaking my illusion that cats only wanted to claw your face off.

cat taken with toy camera

Ben loves cats and his constant cat love has finally rubbed off on me,  plus the cat saturation in Japan and coming to the realisation that cats are friggen cute! So although I still love dogs now, I now enjoy the quirky loveliness that cats bring to the table!

black cat

P.S that middle photo I took using my pink toy camera! I'll come back and share the wonders that is that camera :)


  1. I've never had dogs, but now have my second cat. I used to be scared of dogs a little, but then got hooked on The Dog Whisperer and now I kinda want one;)

    Glad you are now enjoying cats too, they are lovely and like you said, a bit quirky.

    Love the look on the cat's face on the last picture<3

  2. It's funny hey, you often hear of people being scared of one or the other. Did you have a traumatic experience with a dog or dogs as a kid?

    I think animals overall are pretty rad!

  3. Hahaha I am loving that first picture - classic! :) Yeah it totally depends on your experiences with animals that shapes how you feel about them, we always had placid cats :) good for cuddling up to you :) And the face tap! hahaha that was always funny :)

    Although Martha is doing a pretty good job of that at the moment...but then she does think she's a cat I think hehe

  4. yeah I think I would have started out as a cat lover if I'd been exposed to the placid cats :)

    Martha is definitely a cutie which ever side of the fence she lies :P


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