Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Ravioli and cupcakes

Had fun baking today, first up the ever delicious ravioli made using the classic, Women's Weekly's Ravioli Recipe 
homebrand represent!

the beginnings

making ravioli
It's a hard slog but promises a tasty reward

ravioli filling
Ham, spinach, chicken, beef, parsley and garlic!

finished ravioli
I finish my ravioli off, the German Maultaschen way, in a chicken stock broth, mmmm yummo!

Then for dessert some cupcakes that I severly undercooked, but we're delicious in a raw cake mix kind of way :P
duck measuring cup

cupcake baking in the kitchen

cupcakes finished
Definitely not as sexy at the originals, but hey I tried!
Awww poor non-rising cupcake!
he he


  1. aaarrrgh ravioli!!!! I will love you forever for introducing me to their deliciousness!! mmmmm might have to whip that recipe out sometime myself :)
    and cupcakes! hey raw cake mix is pretty darn yummy hehe and they still look cute! :) can't go wrong with yummy and cute *thumbs up*


  2. also - are those SWAN MEASURING CUPS???
    Super awesome!!!! :)

  3. he he he! I don't do ravioli much anymore, the sheer effort always put me off, but I was quite happy to chow down on them for dinner last night!

    They are swan measuring cups, my mum got them for me!!



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