Thursday, July 14, 2011

Japan Day Five ( Mt Takao - Morning)

So we started the morning like most mornings, walking to Ueno from Asakusa (20 min walk) for easy train adventures, Ueno station was always kind to us! I have to point out here that the travel gods really smiled upon on and we managed to navigate our way through the tokyo train system like some sort of sumo pro!
streets of tokyo
pink bus!!!

giant bug on house
giant bug on house! mmm, don't ask, it's Japan!

town of mt takao
an hour and a half later we'd left the city scrappers behind and we're at the base of Mt Takao, for today's adventures!!

cable car to top of mt takao
Not only were the train gods smiling upon us, but so were the cable car gods and we managed to hop on one, just as it was leaving and these babies aren't on the frequent side!

going up in the cable car
You can't tell by this picture, but going up a mountain in a cable car is actually kind of scary!

old ladies enjoying the day on mt takao
but so beautiful once up top...clearly also an elderly person destination!

So what's the first thing a lazy person who hasn't actually climbed the mountain do when reaching the top?

tempura ebi for lunch
have lunch!

japanese  lunch
mmm, how I miss you Japan and all your little bowls of deliciousness

Next it was onto more serious things like monkey parks
mt takao monkey park

baby monkey
It was so exciting cause there were baby monkeys, one being just over a month old!

baby monkey and mum
awww kawaii!

mt takao
The monkey park also had a flower park attached to it, so after our monkey cuteness we wandered

flowers on top of mt takao

ben bird watching
did some fake bird watching

and then decided to leave

BUT WAIT! on our way out of the park guess who we ran into??

A guy with a monkey
patting the monkey

Mt Takao Monkey Park

monkey and ben
It was so fun watching Ben with the monkey, because he'd never seen monkeys before, never even been to a zoo.
monkey on beds head 2

monkey opening ben's backpack
Monkeys are so cool and so good at working zips on a bag :P
monkey on ben's head

mt  takao monkey
awww bye bye cute monkey. 

monkey sign
But watch out cause some monkeys are angry, or I think that's what the sign says!
Alright stay tuned to part two where I'll wrap up the mountain that is Takao!


  1. Baby monkeys!!!! :D
    So cute - and the one climbing on Ben! *dies*
    Love that sign too - watch out for the angry ones!

    very pretty photos, looks like a beautiful place :)

  2. It was really pretty and weird to think it's fairly close to tokyo! Love monkeys!!


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