Thursday, July 28, 2011

What is a Zine

So what is a Zine?
Firstly it's not pronounced 'zine' like 'line' but rather 'Zeen' like Magazine! Actually a zine is just a small version of a magazine and they're known for being self published with a small production number and usually no fancy printing methods involved...go the photocopier! Wikipedia goes into all the nity grity if you're more interested!

In the art World, zines are fairly common and if you type 'art zine' into etsy you'll find some great publications. Closer to home though and what has inspired me to kick start my own, is the fabulous Girlie Pains aka Brisbane artist Mel Stringer. Her zine production rate is one to be envied! 

making on an art zine

So every free chance I get, I'm thinkin, drawing, planning my own little magaZINE! and having a blast, can't wait to share more process shots as I get further into it all!


  1. Ahh sounds super awesome!
    Can't wait to see! :)
    Heather xo

  2. ooooh! can i order some to be sent to norway???? no wait, don't do that - the postage will probably be like 50 bucks per zine... boooo. can you collate them for whence i come back? that would be awesome. i love zines. actually, i just love collecting stuff. norway actually thinks that i might be a hoarder....

    PS that last couple of posts about the onsen + that un-japanese-y ghost town reminded me of Murakami's books! spooky.

  3. for sure! I'll definitely save you some :)
    I love collecting things too, it's okay to be a semi hoarder I think!

    I don't really know Murakami, I've heard of that film that was done through his book (I think) norwegian wood? Mmm, must look into him more!

  4. oh yay i can't wait to see your zine fee, that's going to be one radical mini mag... i'm currently working on one too, finally, after threatening to for a year or so now! hehe, it took me that long to think of what to put in it! it's so much fun though isn't it! looking forward to seeing more of your process soon! :)

  5. They are super fun definitely though to be honest a lot more work than I ever imagined :P I'm hoping if I work on it a bit each day or week, it will eventually get finished...hopefully!

    Excited to see how your zine goes too

    Sunny coast artist represent *does gangster move*


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