Friday, July 29, 2011

Friday Five

1) Miorats aka Jennifer Lewis is a German born lass now living in the US. Her bio reads "Most of her pieces focus strongly on an narative, derived from childhood fairytales and myths."
I think that's a lovely way to sum up her work, full of far away creatures with slighty sinister undertones!

2) White Octopus run by Heather, another US artist has a lovely way of articulating her work
"most of my inspiration comes from the beautiful organic lines, colors and textures from nature, and the mystery and uncertainty that lies within it. I embrace both the beautiful and darker sides of the natural world, and the ever changing balance that results between them." 
Beautiful cold colours and some lovely textures really makes me love her art!

3) Helen Dardik runs Orange Studio and does a 360 on the previous artist, her artwork bombards the viewer (in a good way) with her very distinct happy colour palette.
She also has a distinct way of drawing people, flowers, cats and everything that just make you feel ridiculously happy!

4)Fourth up is Yoote run by Taeeun Yoo, a children's book author and illustrator.
Her work definitely has that lovely old school illustrative style, with muted colours and sweet simple scenes which you can tell comes straight out of the pages of a lovely book!
5)Theatre Clouds run by Elly MacKay.  I've stolen from her bio about her process..
"I make these images by inking yupo paper and cutting it into layers that I set up in a miniature theater. I play with the lights and filters to create atmosphere and then photograph the scenes" 
What a lovely way to make art. Looking through her etsy shop is definitely a magical experience!

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  1. All awesome, but I particularly love that last one - how beautiful! :)


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