Friday, August 26, 2011

Friday Five - Rah Collective

This week's five selected artists are straight from the pages of the Rah Collective Book

1) Andy Quilty, a Western Australian artist, who uses a wide variety of materials in his work including but not limited to... charcoal, oil stick, spray can, ball point pens!
Kind of amazed at the level of detail in this and would go a little bit silly starring at it in real life!

2) Chris Yee is next up and unfortunately there is not enough of this dude out on the net or perhaps there is and I'm a terrible searcher! Anyway he has the made skills with the sharpie well as far as I can tell....he need more work on the internets!!!
Update: Chris just got in contact to say that he does in fact have a blog and it's rad so check it out!!
His Blog

3 Ears aka Daniel O’Toole is a Sydney artist who has a really cool style. His work reminds me a lot of Bret Whiteley, who just happens to be one of my art heroes! Ears has a really nice free and expressive mark making style and lets face it I'm a sucker for visible sketch lines and thick paint drips!

4) Matthew Roland another Sydney artist who does sweet illustrations and favours watercolours :) He also does lots of other cool design stuff and has a really nice blog, which I need to start following!

5) Nick Boerma, again another Sydney artist who won me over with his fantastic screenprint of Anton Chigurh (aka the badie from No Country for Old Men)

I get the chills seeing this pic always a sucker for a well constructed villian!
Nick also has a blog which I will have to check out more as well!

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