Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Japan Day 11 - Odaiba

We started the day with the ever so yummy Mos Burger...nom nom!
mos burger

mos burger plant
I think it was here that Ben fell in love with the Mos Burger manager, a lovely Japanese girl, who seemed far to young to run the joint and was always delighted to see us or maybe delighted to see Ben :P

So up until this point I'd crammed in everything I wanted to do and now there were blanks left for Ben things. Ben had read about a haunted house in Odaiba (part of Tokyo) , my first reaction...
"ahhh Odaiba sucks, it's a Western boring sea port!"
I reminded myself that I needed to shut my trap and let Ben have a fun day :)

odaiba bridge
We got to Odaiba and as predicted boring modernism everywhere, blargh!

We make our way to try and find the arcade and my face lights up...what's in front of me?
A Hello Kitty wonderland..OMG!

Hello Kitty Angel Statue

Hello Kitty's Kawaii Paradise

fee on sanrio ride

ben on sanrio ride

This joint was my heaven and even had a Sanrio puricula machine!
Hello Kitty Puricula

Sanrio Purciula

Hello kitty fee

The hello kitty land was connected to an arcade so Ben was able to get his masculinity back

Arcade Ben

arcade ben2

skill testers

Skill tester

We also got pretty obsessed with skill testers during our holiday.
I think I picked up some pretty mad skill tester skills :P

skill tester toy

I finished off my hello kitty experience with none other than a Hello Kitty salmon pancake :P As you do!

Pancake Party Sanrio Cafe

Hello Kitty Pancake

Pancake Party

Ben in the Neko Bus

There was more exploring to do

16 minute memory
16 minute memory anyone? 

cup noodle vending machine
Two minute noodle vending machine!

Gachapon as far as the eye can see :P

We eventually discovered the haunted house

Hell House
Ben's heart sunk when he saw that it was all fenced off...nooooooooo, luckily I can read and we simply had to press a button before an attendant arrived to let us in

At this point, I'll admit I was packing it. You know when you're so scared you become really serious and say ridiculous stuff to get out of doing the thing your scared of doing...that was me! I don't know how Ben convinced but eventually he did and I walked up those stairs.... petrified!

It took about 3 minutes of walking through the haunted house before realising it was actually not scary at all and pretty awesomely kitsch!

Inside Hell House 9

Inside Hell House 12

Inside Hell House 6

Inside Hell House 5

Inside Hell House 13

Inside Hell House 3
Ben was sure an actor was going to jump out of one of those bags, luckily my brain hadn't gone to that dark place and I was happily in my bubble of lame-ness and yes the lame-ness continued!
Inside Hell House 2

So that was fun!

Afterwards we explored what else Odaiba had to offer, as far as I could tell it was just a big mall spread out with arcades and shops and Ferris wheels and Hello Kitty pancake cafes :P

shopping centre

Shopping centre

This themed mall even had a pet store, they sure do love their cuteness
cute dog

cute baby pug

We were just about to head home thinking we had explored everything when Ben happened to walk past Sega JoyPolis...noooooooooooooooooooooo
I thought I had taken all the arcading I could take but I knew I had to let Ben have his day of fun

Seag Door
So through the Sega doors we went

Funnily enough I have only a few pictures from this place, I'm not sure what to call it, it's not really a themepark, there are rides but then there are just a whole lot of arcade games, many many levels of arcade games actually!

House of the living dead
No it really wasn't that bad and I kind of got into the shooting-ness.

Ben eventually saw my levels of enthusiasm were escaping and let me indulge in my favourite past time...puricula! But this time it wasn't just any old puricula it was DRESS UP PURICULA!
Man I could have died.
Suddenly I was loving Sega Joypolis!

Fee in her bunny puricula outfit
Me in the change room, in my bunny costume

Puricula bear and bunny
We choose, or maybe it was, I choose the 'love theme' where we had to do all the love poses.
I don't think we have ever laughed so much together

And that's where my pictures finish up, there were some other highlights from Sega World including this ride, or well walk through ride called 'Prison Break' which I'm guessing is a movie or video game or something. When Ben and I went to line up it was only Ben and I in the line. The Japanese ride attendee who would walk us through must of died a little when he realised we couldn't understand Japanese, but I have to say he did a stella acting job of staying in character, explaining the storyline and creating suspense all with limited English :P  Probably my hightlight... little bit scary, little bit kitsch!

There was also another attraction called 'house of the living dolls' where we had to walk through a dark corridor and be scared by a cute Japanese girl standing in the shadows. We then sat down in a dark room and listened to a Japanese story. At this point I was so glad I couldn't understand Japanese cause I think I would have peep my pants from the scariness!

Before leaving we went on this half pipe snowboard ride. I wussed out (again!) whilst waiting in line, but the line attendant, stopped us and when I explained through charades that I didn't want to go on the ride cause I thought I would throw up he simply said I wouldn't. So I gulped down my terrified-ness and experience snowboarding like never before.

I'll stop rambling now, but I'll just say despite my reservations at the start of the day it actually turned out pretty stellar!  Ben and I headed back to Asakusa, got a kebab for dinner (sshhh, it's sort of Japanese-ey) and spent the night watching the manga movie Makoto!


  1. Oh my goodness!!! Dress up puricula!!! Amazing Fee, you must have been in heaven! :)

    Also - the cat bus from Totoro!!! *dies*
    And Hello Kitty's Kawaii Paradise!!!! This is insane, there aren't enough exclamation marks in the world to express the awesome! :)

    I giggled picturing you trying to mime that the ride would have made you throw up hehehe :D

  2. I definitely was in Heaven! We actually got a few puricula pictures, but Ben has the other two, must steal them off him and scan them!

    Throwing up is always fun to mime :P Though I was probably in serious fee mode, so I'm sure it would have been funny!


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