Monday, August 1, 2011

Rip Offs, Copies, Stolen Art...It's all about your Perspective!

I think everyone has their thoughts on art that is taken from an original source, copied exactly or modified and then reproduced under a different name. From an artist perspective, especially when it's an indie artist and their design has been reproduced by a larger corporation there seems to be several key arguments

1)They're rich, they should not make money off struggling indie artists.
2)They're stealing original thoughts and creativity and not giving credit
3)The copy is inferior and compromises the original artistic integrity.

Then there are the feelings that go along... anger, frustration, hurt.

Sue them, watermark everything, remove yourself completely from the internet.

My thought process does a huge 360

This rip off, copy, stolen thing recently happened to me and I have to say my feelings were of happiness, pride and self satisfaction!

My original design on the left and the re-design on the right
(photo courtesy from the lovely sick for cute website!)

I first noticed the Blythe shirt on the Sick For Cute facebook page, being a BIG fan of the site Sick for Cute and knowing it's lovely owner Lindsay, I wrote her an email. She was obviously unaware that the tee, she had purchased was a copy of my design. I said in my email there was no need to take them down, she thanked me and offered to put in her description that the design was based off mine. I told her how I thought the shirt was actually really cute, especially with it's bow addition and Lindsay being the lovely lass that she is offered to send me one!

sick for cute awesome parcel!
it felt like Christmas when I received the package in the mail!

So I'm thinking....
How awesome that someone thought my art to be worthy of being printed onto a tee. How rad that my artwork has gone on to live another life through someone modifying it :)

The only thing I see as a bummer and I kind of suspect is the reason people get so upset, is the money side. For myself, I could die tomorrow but tonight I go to sleep thinking there could be several peeps out there (hopefully more) wearing a shirt that started off with my design and that makes me extremely happy!

So does this mean I want people to use my designs for commercial pursuits? In an ideal World it would be nice to be paid, money provides essentials :P Failing that it would be nice to be credited, failing that I think it's nicer for people to take designs and put their own spin on them! How amazing is the internet that allows people to become known. I think it's only natural then that with this ability opens up the flood ways for people to copy/rip off and steal.

Imitation is the greatest form of flattery.

fee wearing blythe shirt
Loving my shirt and the fact that my original drawing has gone on to live another life!
What are your thoughts?

By the way the company who made the shirts e-klah, are from LA. It was impossible for me to find an email address via the internet to send an email through to them. Ending up calling their office to get an email address directly. The girl I spoke to was slightly rude, but eventually gave me the email. It was either the wrong email or they haven't bothered to reply because I've heard no word back. I thought my email was nicely put and mentioned that it would be great to work with them in the future!

We should all work together :) And get more art into this World, life is too short!


  1. Wow! That definitely looks like your original print!

    I think you definitely have the right attitude Fee, obviously you're such a kick-ass artist that people want to take your designs because they're so awesome :)

    I can understand some frustration too though, I hope you hear back from the e-klah people soon.

    Lookin very cute in that shirt miss! :)
    You're a very sweet soul Fee, stay beautiful xo
    love Heather

  2. i hope they get back to you, they at least owe you that much

  3. I'm not sure I will hear back from them, it's kind of dissapointed cause I did approach them in a very non accusing way and I thought we'd be on the same page, sharing is caring :P Maybe the email got lost in the realms of the internet land

    The tale might end here

    who knows :)

  4. Yeah they definitely owe you at least a response, especially when even though it's your art they've used, you're being nice and just trying to communicate with them.

  5. fee, that is an awfully noble standpoint you've got there! i admire your different view on the whole topic, but if i was in your situation, i'd probably be a whole lot angrier. it would definitely be a recognition issue for me.

    once again, it confirms my view that YOU ARE THE NICEST PERSON! EVER. the shirt looks great and i totally understand you being chuffed that your artwork was so awesome that someone blatantly flogged it! CONGRATULATIONS hahahha

    like everyone else, i hope they at least reply to your email!

    still in awe of your niceness :)

  6. ha ha ha, yeah no point for me to be angry. I have no doubt the World will give me recognition all in it's good time :P I'm super stoked to have the shirt in my wardrobe as strange as that sounds, ha ha ha :)

    Wear it with pride :P

    I'm probably more crazy than nice!
    he he

  7. You have a great attitude to it all. Life's too short to get all huffy. Karma is on your side for sure... well done. I hope they respond eventually, although I'm not sure they're as nice as you.

  8. thanks Sandy :)
    Yeah doubtful of the response :P

    Always good to have Karma on your side!

  9. I am glad they credited you - that would be all I would want! Great design :)

  10. Thanks!! You have a cute blog by the way too!


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