Sunday, September 11, 2011

Glitter, Kitten and boy!

I can finally show you the piece I had in the exhibition over the weekend!

Glitter, Kitten and Boy

I follow a blog called Cute Boys with Cats and had saved this photo in my inspiration folder for a while.  
This exhibition was a good excuse to finally sketch out the image onto paper :)

Thanks to Catherine and my peeps for coming along to the opening, I saw lots of cool art which makes me happy about the Brisbane art scene!


  1. ahh that's really cool Fee! :)

  2. thanks heather!
    and thanks for a super fun weekend :)
    Many laughs, good for the soul!
    Hopefully you had a nice rest of your Sunday, didn't get too lost with your drive :)

    Love ya heaps!!

  3. No worries - thanks for coming along, was great to catch up and I agree the laughs were awesome, super therapeutic! :D
    I didn't get lost - hooray for me! hehehe

    Love you lots too! Have a great week :)

  4. hurrah for not getting lost!!
    one more sleep till dan's back and the scary night house stops being scary :)

    Love ya!!


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