Sunday, September 4, 2011

A park zine day!

In a surprise twist Ben came home early from work, woohoo

ducks at the park

So this weekend we went down to wappa lake to get our art on and our model on (more of that later!)

Ben painting at the park
Ben was busy painting up a tile and I got to work on more of my zine, which is slowly but surely coming together, weeeeeeee, super stoked to see this baby on completion!

picnic table at wappa dam

bird in flight

It was a very funny day, sunny one minute, cloudy and rainy the next. I definitely feel spring in the air though and I'm super happy for summer!!


  1. Ah that weather sounds like our holiday!
    Nice piccies though :-) dan and me had a bit of a lazy picnic at shorncliffe today - great minds think alike :-)
    So lovely that ben's back - can't wait to hear how he got to come back early! :-)
    Love heddie

  2. great minds totally think alike!
    yay for dan back :) Hong Kong steals him away though!

    I'll totally let Ben tell you that story, not safe for my blog, lol. Can't wait for our picnic, Ben said he is keen too, if you don't mind a third person :)

  3. Of course I don't mind a third person! :) I'll grill him for that story then too ;)

    Yep Dan arrived safely in Hong Kong this morning, so before I know it he'll be home again *thumbs up*

    talk soon matey - weeee!


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