Sunday, September 4, 2011

tee designs!

I you tube cute kittens tee
This shirt is a bit of an inside joke between Ben and I but he really does you tube cute kittens, it was meant to be for his birthday but he opened it a bit early :P If you want one of these fab tees, he he, go here!

By the way the site I went through to get it printed is an aussie site called redbubble.  If you have your own design you can upload it and then buy the shirt or print, it's pretty handy if you don't have your own screen print set up!

humble dumpling shirt for fee
The other day I got lucky too cause Ben surprised me with my own tee woo hoo!!

It was fun running round the park trying out our model poses, trust me when I say I now have a collection of really really bad photos, lol.  I don't think I was cut out to be a model, too many goofy expressions!


  1. Haha bad photos are hilarious - they usually don't even make it off my camera ;-)
    You both look very cute in your tees! :-)
    Xo heddie

  2. lol, mine probably shouldn't have either!


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