Thursday, October 27, 2011


Since I'm loving photography more than ever later, poor Ben has to put up with my new found hobby :P

"can you pose for this one?"

bubbles ben 2

bubbles ben

maroochydore graffiti

ben looking soulful

maroochydore graff

ben in the forest

ben getting fed up with my picture taking


  1. These are great, especially the very last one!

    What sort of camera did you use?

  2. HAHAHA i love the one of ben sitting down and looking melancholy amidst a sea of graffiti! that could be the album cover of The Solo Album Of That Guy That Used To Be In That Crazy Popular Boy Band From The 90's.

    so. good!

  3. Hey I use an old olympus SLR film camera called an OM-1

    So true about the album art for the guy that use to be famous :P he he!
    So cliched the graff, ha! I couldn't help myself :P

  4. Hehe awesome shots, Ben is very photogenic!

    I'm catching up on your blogs this arv, have been on dial up speed internet all week aaargh!! Never again shall I take broadband for granted! Well I probably will, but not for a while :P

  5. Argh dial up, it's painstakingly awful isnt it!! Glad your broadband is back :)


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