Friday, October 21, 2011

Friday Five

1) Anna Emilia an artist from Finland does some beautiful illustrative work, her art uses a subtle colour palette depicting sweet wholesome imagery! I'm probably most in love with her crazy patterns though like this one..

2)Fuco Ueda a Japanese artist who has a real distinct/rad painting style. Her site which I have linked is packed full of awesome paintings with imagery of girls, goldfish, cakes, school uniforms, the ocean...just to name a few! A treasure trove really

3) Astrid Yskout is next and I really wish I could find more of Astrid on the net because her flickr page is radness to the max! I'm definitely a sucker for sweet illustrations :)

4) Leah Giberson who creates some fantastic imagery of chairs, caravans and suburban homes. She writes in her profile...
"I begin with photographs of seemingly ordinary and mundane scenes, which I then paint directly upon to distill and reveal the visually poignant moments that exist all around us, but are often overlooked."  
Sounds like a very interesting technique!

5) Ambird aka pocket birds aka amber lynn seegmiller does art that makes me happy...for example her happy totoro painting below

She also does birds and girls and icecreams and boys...definitely worth checking out her etsy store if you're into things like that :P

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