Saturday, October 15, 2011

Maccas Goodie Bag

mcdonalds goodie bag
This was our goodie bag from the party...I love free stuff!
We got maccas vouchers, lollies, a bandanna, sweat band, glow stick, yo yo...yup it was whack :P


  1. haha whose maccas party was it? :)
    Nice goodie bag ;)

  2. oh oops..the xfactor party was sponsored by Maccas!

  3. Haha oh I thought you'd gone to a maccas birthday party! Lol sorry my brain is getting old ;-)

  4. oh that would of been rad, Ben and I actually walked past a closed off maccas the other day, inside was decked out with balloons and a bunch of teenagers inside, it was actually pretty cute :P I didn't know they still did the parties


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