Friday, October 14, 2011

Friday Five

1) Yoskay Yamamoto, this guy is just way too good at way too many things! Not only is he a fabulous painter but he is also a kick arse sculptor as well, it was very difficult to choose just one image to show you guys! Yoskay seems to be all about minamilistic characters with spaced apart almond eyes, simple noses and mouths.

In my travels I also stumbled upon his take of, pikatchu, hello kitty and astro boy all awesomely odd! Whilst goldfish, demons, fire and water seem to happily invade his work...too cool!

2) Amélie Fontaine an artist from France whos style of drawing I instantly fell in love with it's funny, cute, endearing, basically everything I want from art!
Socks and sandals...teehee!

3)James Jean who I honestly can't believe I haven't blogged about sooner. His work is simply drool worthy for me, flawlessly executed paintings, great colours, subject matters, errily cute...just ticks all the right boxes!!!

*is in love*

4) Ghost Patrol a Melbourne artist who draws incredibly sweet characters, experiments with different surface textures and creates magical Worlds with his art! I, like many I'm sure, have his poster from Frankie happily blu taked to my wall :P by the way the picture below is taken from his sketchbook pages on flickr, a really fun album to look through!

5) Miso
Another Melbourne artist, perhaps best know for her paste ups which often contain intricate pattern work (something I'd imagine isn't the easiest thing to put up in a hurry!)
She draws women who appear to have a story behind their eyes and executes them with some mad drawing skills! Miso reminds me of street artist Swoon (definitely not a bad thing!).  Actually I should also get around to blogging about Swoon too!

P.S. If you have the time, here is an awesome video of Miso and Ghost Patrol
(definitely worth watching!)


  1. I always love these posts! And I simply adore James Jean. Bought one of those postcard books a while back. I doubt I'll ever send one though;)

  2. ohh how rad, I'm a total postcard hoarder too, in my mind they are mini works of art!


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