Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Sydney - Part 2

sydney ferries

Our hotel was at the rocks in Sydney which is only a short stroll from Sydney's touristy goodness which got me quite excited!

andrew and the sydney bridge

sydney harbour

bagpipe boy and the sydney harbour

sydney opera house

woot, Sydney Opera house!

andrew and the opera house

andrew in Sydney

andrew riding the wave
We went to the Sydney Museum

model bridge and andrew

andrew playing the cella

louise hawson 52 suburbs
One of the exhibitions on was by photographer Louise Hawson titled, 52 suburbs which was really neat


andrew in sydney
We ended up for lunch in China Town before being super late and needing to taxi it back to our hotel to make it in time for our 12.30 pick up, eek

But alas this story does have a happy ending

Andrew on the runway
Goodbye Sydney!
view from out of the plane


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