Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Sydney - Part 1

view from out of the plane window


So we flew down last Thursday for the X-factor party

strawberry daiquiri at sebel pier one

We arrvived and took some time to relax in the hotel's bar :P

Then there was that whole x-factor party thing.
We then slept and woke up fresh as daiseys Friday morning deciding to cram as much in before our pick up arrived for the airport at 12.30

So here is a collection of Andrew and I being ultimate tourists in Sydney!

andrew and a postbox

artwork ahead traffic sign

artwork ahead

the rocks sydney

Sydney Terrace houses
I love Sydney for it's terraces and old buildings which we don't see in Brisbane

Sydney Building

sydney wall

terrace houses in sydney

streets of sydney

old school sydney

More shots awaits, but I'll throw them into a new post for you dial up users :P


  1. Those buildings are very pretty!
    Love the photo of andrew peeking out from the postbox hehe cute :)

  2. They have super pretty buildings! Well they area we were at least annyway :P

    It is very cute and there is no mistaking we were definitely tourists that day!


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