Thursday, November 3, 2011


ben the photographer

Luckily my new obsession with photography is slowly rubbing off on Ben so I have a photographing buddy to come on adventures with me. We came up with a new disease the other day called.. "photo-itis" the strange condition where you constantly see things that would make for a pretty picture...this results in pulling off to the side of the road in inapropriate times and places and the such..dangerous stuff :P

Anyway we took a photography trip down the road the other day! Not really dangerous stuff :P



thistle 2

ben taking shots

buderim forest 2

ben in the forest

cute ben

buderim forest

golden light ben


buderim creek

pretty houses

There is magic everywhere!!


  1. I did notice Ben had some pretty shots up on facebook recently!
    You guys are awesome!
    Your shots of Ben here are so nice, and the thistle (is it a thistle?? the purple spikey flower lol) is so cool
    I'm not surprised at your awesomeness, just mega impressed as always! :)
    I'm definitely going to commission you for some photography work sometime.

    Happy Thursday xo

  2. yeah we've been going photo nuts lately :P
    Thistles are so nice hey, I think they're a weed...I always think weeds have nice flowers...ha ha ha

    commission away!
    you know I'm always happy to do it for you anyway on the sly :P
    he he he

  3. awww you guys are super cute with your matching hobbies!

    i love your shots of the trees and the grass and the water. your nature shots are bewwwwwwtiful! can i be nerdy and ask if you edit the photos or just chuck em up here as is?

  4. :P
    I definitely edit my photos, actually always have. I think editing photos is like plastic surgery... sometimes it's done tastefully and sometimes it isn't! I might do a post about how I edit's really simple to :)

    what about yourself?

  5. hahaha so funny! because that's EXACTLY what i think about editing photos too! except i don't edit my photos.

    mostly because i'm super behind on posts and i have thousands of photos to go through and if i even thought about editing i'd probably be doing a post every month! with that in mind, i just try and take the nicest naked shots i can. it's totally embarrassing because sometimes, i have to take like ten photos of exactly the same thing with all different settings so i can see which one looks like i want it to look on the computer! you know? yeah. lametown.

  6. your photos are super nice as is! no editing needed! I actually have an essay of thoughts upon the editing photos topic which I think I'll make into one super post!

    My opinion has changed a lot, but essentially at the moment it's, why not make something better?

    I do it with my art too, I clean my pictures up in photoshop..I'm definitely no purist :P

  7. ooo yes! please do a post on it - i want to read all your giant essays of thought!

    it wasn't too long ago that i didn't actually realise that pretty much EVERYONE that had an awesome blog edited their pictures! and i was tearing my hair out wondering how they got photos that were so good. hahahaha i'm such an idiot sometimes.

    after renouncing the internet for a bit afterwards, i started to re-appreciate photos but this time as an admiration of all the photo-editing skillz that people have. like everyone has their own editing styles and that makes the end result completely different to something that someone else would've done with the same photo. so just because there's a way of making something look better, there's still an individual touch to the final form, right?

    yup. my two cents. super valuable.

  8. Yeah I wish people were more open with their photo editing ways! Which I guess I'm guilty of, not cause I want to hide it just cause I thought perhaps it was a boring subject :P but then maybe some people want to know or they could use some ideas in their own work! I would just like everyone to know that if they want to alter their photos there are ways out there to do it, but you definitely don't need to!

    but yes I'll come up with a nice post sometime this week when I get a chance, maybe show my photos before and after! weeee, the truth will be revealed!

    there are individual outcomes to photos, but I think most people are time short and just do cheat ways..that's my thinking anyway :P The secret nasty photo blog internet world, that perhaps isn't so bad really!


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