Friday, November 4, 2011

Friday Five - Domestic Etch Part 2

Continuing on from last week's Domestic Etch inspired friday five, here are five more creative peeps!

Pat has some damn impressive line work! I can see pretty much all of his work on threadless tee's which is definitely a compliment as half my wardrobe happens to be those threads :P

Is an artist with a rad style, a little bit funny, a little bit sweet and a little bit charming!

3) Stacey Rozich, who I love for her amazing patten work! Monsters, masked beasts, bears and fantastic mythological creatures, just a few of the things sprouting from her imagination..go check her out!

4) Stephen Chan another fab artist!
Gosh that's some jealous worthy material right there for you! too cool!!
Definitely another artist who needs to infiltrate threadless if he hasn't done so already!

Sophie has a really nice way of painting using patches of colours to build up shadowing on faces. I'm definitely a lover of colours and those who use it in an experimental way, always make me smile!

And that concludes my Domestic Etch Mag Previw, the talent out there makes me super happy and yet depressingly sad all in the same breath :P

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