Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Imbil and Borumba deer park

Ben and I travelled past a run down sign announcing a deer Park, too good of an adventure to pass up we found ourselves in cute country town called Imbil.

country side

We stopped in to buy fuel and I asked the lady at the checkout about this secret deer park, she looked at me like a fool for even suggeting it would be closed down and gave us specific directions "5 river crossing and you're there". I smiled... use to directions that reference traffic lights and not creeks.. ahh the country!

Five river crossings later and WE MADE IT!

deer 7

We got to the deer park, paid a buck for our feed and were told the deers would flock to us. They didn't really flock and I think they were more interested in my camera than the food, but we persisted!


deer 4

deer 3

thistle 2

deer 5
persisted until they all just walked or ran away from us :P

The actual deer park, is more a camping grounds, it's really nice place and there is a river running down the back, so Ben and I went in for a dip :)

What summer days are made for!


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