Friday, November 11, 2011

Friday Five - Borrowed Suitcase

I was lucky enough to score a copy of 'Borrowed Suitcase' which is a zine of talented artist peeps, put together by Mel Stringer.
Here are some rad finds from it...

1)) Mel Stringer, can't really go past popping down Mel in the list, not only does she have good taste in picking artists, her art itself, is amazing! You might remember this drawing she did of me (super exciting), apart from that she draws the cutest girls, makes rad zines (big inspiration for me making me own one...which is 95% completed...stay tuned!) and is the queen of line work! Love her stuff, from her watercolours, to her computer generated art to her cute paper products..eek, check her out!

2) Ben Constantine aka plump oyster aka comic book drawer extraordinaire. Love his line work and colour and attention to detail...peeps that do comics don't get enough high art love (perhaps they don't want it), but anyhoo I'm a big admirer of the amount of effort and skill that goes into comic making.
Ben also does amazing paintings as well..too much talent!

3) Andrea Innocent, whose work I've been drooling over for far too long and for good reason...her art seems to be saturated by Japanese culture and for a second I had to re-remember she was an Aussie artist and not an artist from Japan.
I love artists who's portfolio I go through and every image gets me excited, Andrea's website is definitely gold!

4) Sonni who does the happiest brightest art around...
Just look at this art, doesn't it make you deliriously happy! Again I can see Japanese design influence, but perhaps I just have Japan on the brain!

5) Luke Pearson who I found through the nobrow blog and from there bought his comic 'Everything We Miss" for Ben who loved it! I still haven't got around to reading it myself..shame on me but I have drooled over his drawings and just his very cool style he has going on!

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