Friday, December 9, 2011

Friday FIve

1) Kirra Jamison, I first saw Kirra Jamison in 2007 with her Crying Wolf Exhibition at Museum of Brisbane and have been a fan ever since. She seems to favour gouache, ink, pen and vinyl in her work with lots of cut outs and patterns, flowers and nature, very pretty!

2) Daniel Krall, love this guy's style, just brilliant you should check him out :P His profile says he teaches illustration and I thought this line was a good capture...
"his work echoes the striking lines and Technicolor tints of French comics. Daniel’s formulations mix watercolor, gouache, acrylic and pixels, served straight or on the rocks."
Love it!

3) Koren Shadmi whose website is such a delight to look through!
I mean how perfect is this image above! Ahhhh just lovely :) 
Speechless, nothing else to say but to go check him out!

4) Tran Nguyen an artist who I just recently discovered on Juxtapoz and who does really sweet magical artworks using acrylic & color pencils

5) Mooncore who unfortunately I don't know too much about or can't find much info on the net to pass on, except the tumblr site which I've linked to in the name! Still cool art though..mystery is cool right?

The World if full of wonderful artists!

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