Thursday, December 22, 2011

New Flash and an update!

I've never had an off camera flash's exciting!

cosmetic case

cosmetic case 2

Life Update:
1) Had an early Christmas with the family :) 
Suddenly the shops don't seem so mental, weird!

2) Been busy getting ready for a 10 day holiday up in North QLD...driving up tomorrow with Ben. 22 hour drive here we come! Ben has the Christmas music ready, now all we need is to stock up on car junk food and we're good to go

ben 2
3) Been horribly sick...even stopped in at the hospital the night before because my tooth ache was so intense, went to the dentist the next day who tells me there is nothing wrong with my teeth, $200 dollar later..suckful! Apparently my sinuses are all crazy and interfering with my roots of my teeth, crazy! Flu + toothache = not fun
So I'm sick but pretending I'm not so I can have one fab holiday!

Last day of work tonight...weeeeeeeeeeee


  1. Aw hope you had a good sleep when u got home last night!! I had an hours sleep then guess what? Yep another crazy pain night :-(
    Thinking of going to bed in a minute!

    Have a super duper holiday weeee!!! :-)

  2. Oh no Heather :( How crazy, definitely see what's wrong hey, pain is the most un-fun thing ever!!! I hope you got some zzz'z after having to stay up all night!

    I'll send good vibes to your indgestion area! Be gone, badness!

  3. Hahaha thanks Fee! I send the same vibes to your sinusey-ness! :)


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