Monday, December 19, 2011

A roll of film back from my toy camera

Love getting rolls of film back, it's one of my life's little excitements! The anticipation is probably what makes it magical :) Anyway been hoarding my toy camera around everywhere and grabbing shots here and there on sunny days....

North Shore

Hippies for Sale
Always have a giggle when I past this sign!

ben at shelly beach
Yay Ben is back!

opera house sand castle
Clever peeps building the opera house in sand!


coolum seagulls

no swimming at coolum

Dulong Look out 3

Dulong Lookout 2

Dulong Lookout
Ben told me it's dulong not dugong lookout...oops!


  1. Lovely!
    Hehehe - hippies for sale :)
    I remember getting a film developed, definitely exciting! Although in my case I shouldn't have gotten excited, definitely no photographer me! ;)

    I am so looking forward to seeing you 2 lovelies tomorrow! :)
    (apologies for my late sms last night too, hope it didnt wake you up!! I'd just gotten home and hadnt seen your other text, replied before I looked at the clock - oops!)

  2. he he he he, I remember looking at your photos with you and they always seemed super exciting!

    I totally zonked out early last night and woke up to two text messages didn't wake at all :P lol

    I sent you a quick message on facebook as I'm out of phone credit so hopefully you get that!


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