Sunday, January 29, 2012

Ben is gone again!

Off for another 6 weeks of work :(

I have to say though, the one good thing about Ben being away is I'm a lot more productive and my house gets super clean.  I was up at midnight, last night, cleaning my art cupboards :P lol

Some puricula we took the other day when we were down in Brisbane, for my bro's bday,
which I still have to post about too! eep too much to share!

I miss Ben already!


  1. Aww Fee, sorry Ben is away! Hope it goes super super quick!
    And I know I sound like a broken record but I'm always up for some hangs if you feel like it :)

    Love that puricula, was that from the games place near Fat Louie's? :)

    *MEGA HUG*

  2. Thanks Heather :)
    And up it was the arcade up from Fat louie's, can't resist the puricula!

    Happy Sunday, off to go clean my car!


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