Saturday, January 28, 2012

Day 7 - Chillagoe to Mission Beach

the big peanut scenary
Look at those clouds, I love clouds!!

So we're still on day 7 of our trip, heading to Mission Beach from Chillagoe. We stop in at Mareeba, the sign claims 300 sunny days a year which I believe because despite the slight cloud about, it was definitely sunny compared to the other towns we just drove through!

We pulled over to get a pic of this guy

and a little further down the road we spy a bull...a big thing?
The big bull
 Sure why not, if Rochampton can claim their bull sculptures as big, so can Mareeba!

The big bull

The big bull ben
Not sure if you're allowed to climb on it but we saw kids doing it first :)

The cow just so happened to be outside the Mareeba museum and yet again Ben and I found ourselves engaged in conversation. The Mareeba guy, like the Chillagoe guy obviously loved his town and we promised him we'd be back one day for a better look, rather than just a drive by :)

Outside of Mareeba is, Tolga and it's here we spy the Big Peanut!
The Big Peanut

Next thing you know we're at the Big Fish, which is outside the platypus park.   Unfortunately the park was shut when we went past :( It's my goal this year to see a platypus in the wild!)
I also should point out here that none of these were even on my big things list, lucky fluke!
fee at the big fish
Yup I get excited about my big things :P
the Big Fish

Pretty picture of Moss that Ben took!
So after all our big things, we noticed signs to 'curtain fig', Ben mentioned he read about it but decided not put it on our itinerary as he thought it was out of our way...lucky for us it was on our way!
curtain fig

curtain fig tree

curtain fig


It was definitely cool.

tree kangaroos
We unfortunately didn't see any tree kangaroos which apparently inhabit the area :(

crawford lookout
I think we're at 6pm and we stop off at Crawford's lookout, totally beautiful and we decide to go on the walking track. Because of all the rain, it was crazy slippery and I pulled the plug on the mission knowing it would be getting dark soon too.
crawford lookout

We arrived back in Mission and I can't even remember falling asleep it was that instantaneous


  1. Hahaha so many big things!!
    Love that peanut, and the one of Ben sitting on the bull :)

    That last photo is so pretty! Also - the clouds! I love the ones like in that photo where there's a bunch of different types together. Often have to remind myself to watch the road when I'm driving home, distracted by the clouds lol

  2. Definitely a day of big things!

    Ahh that's my favourite too when there is a mix of cloud types!!! he he he, I too have to learn to watch the road more :P


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