Saturday, January 14, 2012

Day 1 - Mission Beach

mission beach

So still on some high-holiday-sleep-deprived buzz we decided to head down to the beach. How to describe Mission beach? The town has a north and south side, with both sides consisting of only a few main streets, they do have a Woolworths though so it's not a really really small town, but I think it's just lovely. The beach although beautiful, comes out second compared to the sunny coast, mainly because there are deadly stingers in the water meaning you're stuck to swimming in the stinger!

ben holding a crab claw

ben trying to open a coconut

ben holding coral


ben at mission beach

palm trees at mission beach

abandoned thong
You might be able to tell I shot a mix between film and digital this trip. Shooting film is my favourite but digital allows you to go nuts! Which is always fun!

We took this picture of a cassowary sign, on the way back home. I remember seeing this sign when I was last here in 2009, actually when I first drove into Mission with Emaya and Norway, it was dark and we were all freaked that this car sized beast would come out and hit us, kind of had the same feeling this time! Ben was unconvinced a cassowary could be as big as the sign was making out but I was thinking, emu's are pretty big and maybe cassowaries are bigger!

An interesting fact, there are only 1000 cassowaries left in all of Australia. There are endangered and thus there are a lot of signs and safety precautions around. Mission beach is one of the prime locations for cassowaries, just last year Mission Beach was devastated by cyclone Yasi, I could really see how much destruction it had caused, trees stripped, so bare, even a year after the area was hit. Of course the cyclone was bad news for the ever disappearing cassowary population so they did fruit drops for cute! In 2009 I didn't get to see a cassowary, maybe we did this trip!! he he

So that was our first day in North Queensland, Christmas Eve and boy oh boy did we sleep good that night!


  1. Looks absolutely beautiful!

  2. it is :)

    I hope you're doing okay heather! I know I keep saying it but I really am thinking a lot about you lately

  3. hahaha i remember those signs! and it was funny because it was all about 'don't hit the endangered cassowary, they are ENDANGERED' not all 'we are concerned about your safety if you hit the giant dinosaur-bird-beast-cassowary'.

    WAIT! is heather okay? i hope it's not anything serious? GET WELL SOON HEATHER! X

  4. All ok Emaya, had a death in the family a few weeks ago. Doing ok though xoxo not to worry matey!

  5. aww heather that's still sad news. i'm sorry for your loss :(


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