Friday, January 13, 2012

Day 1 - Carmen's House

fan palm

So our trip up North starts in the most unglamourous way with a drive just short of 20 hours. I finished work at 6am Friday morning, we started driving at 9am and we arrived at Mission beach at 4am Saturday morning. In the last 8 hour stretch, Ben decided to fall asleep, leaving me to stock up on no-dose...that was an interesting stretch of semi hallucinations turning me into one cranky beast when we did rock up at our destination! Our destination being Ben's cousin's house in Mission beach. His Cousin, Carmen and her family had done the reverse of us and headed down south for the Christmas period, kindly letting us crash at their abode.

Anyway where was I? Um, 4am we arrive...and Ben couldn't open their front door, I could have cried but instead stormed off to the car in an undignified manner and tried to sleep, a mossie made sure I'd have none of that but as luck would have it, half an hour later Ben had figured out the key. I have to say, it's one of life's little pleasures laying down on your pillow when your body is beyond exhausted!

carmen's backyard 6

Five hours into our sleep the heat made sure we were well an truly awake by 10am, I was still half cranky but the excitement of a new place kept me going. I got to have a really good look around their house and it took my breath away!

Their backyard is literally a rainforest and Carmen is one kooky creative lady lending to their house to be a magical place!

carmen's backyard
can you imagine looking out your back porch everyday and seeing that! just beautiful :)

carmen's backyard 4

carmen's backyard 3

carmen's backyard 2

One of Carmen's creative passions is mosaics...
mosaic tile 3

mosaic tile 2

mosaic tile

mosaic legs
she also does legs

living room
and hands

Their house is just delightfully colourful and quirky..I clearly fell in love!



hermit crab

spider ornament

stain glass ornaments

clever jewelery display
I loved that her bathroom was covered in jewelery!

three boys in the family!
toilet and bathroom

stainglass frog window

Even though I'd been up North once before, I'd had forgotten about the crazy humidity, call me crazy but I loved the heat! There is also lots of fun things that come with that humid environment...including butterflies...lots and lots!


I had so much fun exploring and took way too many photos!

ginger plant 2

ginger plant

spiral plant


dog house

Totally jealous, hopefully one day I can live in a place just as beautiful!


  1. GOSH! WHEN did you update all these FNQ posts?!?! Maybe I was just being an uber slack blog-reader!

    Um, that backyard is amazing! I love the trampoline wedged between four palms!

  2. I've taken too many photos lately so I have to pump through the blogs!

    I don't know how you manage with your backlog!

  3. yeah, not too sure if i'm 'managing' at all. six months behind now. gosh. i'll be back home and still blogging about all the european adventures for the NEXT six months!

  4. I admire your commitement though, if I had that much backlog I might through it all in!


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