Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Day 5 North QLD - Kuranda Butterfly Sanctuary

As if we weren't getting enough butterflies in nature, I've had a longing for ages to go to a butterfly sanctuary so it was bye bye to cairns and off further north to kuranda but not before checking out the big things cairns has to offer...

The Big Marlin and the Big Captain Cook!
big captain cook 09

Captain Cook was easy to find, along the hwy and as I'd previously snapped a picture with him (above) so I knew the deal. Unfortunately he is now all fenced off which made the shot a little bit less pretty (below)
Big Captain Cook

The marlin on the other hand was an elusive beast, well not really but he was outside a shopping centre and I got my shopping centres mixed up but never fear, after chatting to a lovely but nervous older gentlemen he lead me to the big fish!
Big Marlin
2 more ticked off the list!

Off to kuranda we go!
butterfly sanctuary

kuranda butterfly sanctuary entrance

butterfly house

You probably know where this post is headed, pics of butterflies, I've named the pictures in my flickr account, like the true nerd I am, so if you're interested in butterfly names click on each pic, otherwise sit back and enjoy!

common egg flyfemale

common eggfly male

common eggfly male
See this dude's tattered wings it means he doesn't have long left. The more frantic butterflies have the shortest life span because they use their wings too much! The lazy ones, even some that hibernate, live the longest, a nice comparison to life and stress really!

orange lace wing


orchard butterfly male

orange lace wing

orchard butterfly male

orchard female ulysses

the cruiser male


Before going I did intensive ten minute googling on what butterflies are attracted to, colour wise. In my head they were all going to flock to me in some disney-esque moment. I read about pink and red being the winners but I feel I got wrongly told! You see, butterflies see in UV light, think of when you go bowling and that friend wearing the white shirt glows up! Well that's the trick people. Ultimately I think a white hat with a white flower on top would be the best...you heard it from the source! :P

The actually sanctuary is just one room, quite small but the photographer in me could have stayed for hours and hours, Ben left and I soon followed. As you walk out they had glass displays of butterflies and moths *gasp* Ben had to wait quite a while for me :P

butterfly display_film 3

butterfly display

moth display

butterfly display_film

butterfly display_film 2

And that was how we spent our Wednesday morning :)
Now I want to collect butterflies!


  1. beautiful :)
    Hehe next time you go you'll have to wear your Japan white outfits!

    Butterflies are so pretty, definitely break my "bugs are yuk" rule for them ;)

  2. Ahh yeah totally that Japanese outfit would have been brilliant! they are super pretty right :)


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