Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Nambour 2012 Jan Floods

Road closed due to flooding

A year on and South East QLD is flooding again! I remember last year it seemed to be more constant, continuous rain which caused Nambour to flood, this year seemed much more abrupt. All roads to Nambour closed (though perhaps an exit up through Maleny?)
The rain has stopped now (for the moment anyway), so I suspect by morning it will all be cleared!

flooded main nambour street

It was fun to go and take pictures, seemed every 4WD owner was out tonight testing out the waters so to speak, but had some nice chats :)

firetrucks ready

nambour flooded street

car flooded in rsl carpark
Can you see that flooded in car in the car park, half under water :(

flooded car
Another flooded car and silly Ben going in to investigate


We did manage to get in some light painting, which you create with a slow shutter and a torch!

light painting

light painting

pretty trees
Despite nature's destruction, there is, dare I say, a magical element to it!


  1. Oh dear.. have been keeping an eye on posts etc on FB about the rain and flooding, keep safe gorgeous, hope it lets up soon ;-)

  2. Stay safe fee *hugs* I can't believe it's all happening again, let's hope it doesn't get too destructive!!

  3. yeah, I just had a look and a lot of the roads are now just 'proceed with caution', as it only rain a little during the night which is good :)

    Hopefully not too much damage lost for people!

  4. WHAT THE! I didn't even know about this! I hope you kids are all good where you're living. weather's going a bit crazy around the place these days....

  5. it's stopped raining today, so we're all back on schedule up at the coast anyway :)


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