Friday, January 27, 2012

Day 7 - Donna Cave

So we were greeted at the entrance to Donna Cave by Luke, the Park Ranger.  Having already been exposed to a few tour guide styles I prejudged Luke and assumed the tour was going to be technical and boring. Turns out Luke is a champ and although he bought out a few of the textbook tour guides jokes I laughed at all of them! He had a good info/humour/quiet ratio!

As you walk down into the cave, Luke explained why it's called Donna cave...any guesses by the photo below?
madonna silhouette

He also told us that there are three animals that live in limestone caves, cockroaches which are eaten by huntsmen spiders which are eaten by bats which are eaten by pythons. Great all my most feared! lol 
We ended up only seeing a few bats and they were actually ridiculously cute :)

So I'll let the pictures do the talking now..
fee in Donna Cave


donna cave

donna cave

fee in donna cave

donnacave stalactites

donna cave fee

fairy grotto
The famous 'fairy grotto' apparently the most photographed section of any of the caves in Chillagoe!

climbing the stairs
Let there be light!

spider web
No huntsmen spider sightings, but a cute web on the way out!

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