Monday, January 30, 2012

Day 8 - Tully and Paronella

misty mountains drive

We've now up to day 8, New Years Eve!
We decided to go check out Tully Gorge and then head back to Paronella Park for their night tour

tully gorge

tully gorge

tully gorge ben
Tully gorge now has croc warning signs, enough to scare me off swimming though the water did look delightful! Ben asks a dude nearby about the croc signs and apparently a croc was seen, one croc, ruining it for everyone :P (eep, how may times can I say croc?)

As true nerds we head back to Paronella for the night tour instead of partying it up hard in Cairns with backpackers, a thought that had briefly crossed our minds

Paronella at night was great, your ticket allows you to come back for free for 12 months, just another reason to love Paronella!

angus the eel
We made sure to go back and visit Angus this time she was almost all the way out of her hiding hole, it was cute, like she remembered us and trusted us :P

paronella park sunset

paronella park dusk


the fountain

the castle

grand staircase

the falls
You can just see Ben's shadow in that shot, he was crazy and went for a swim, after feeding all the eels as the light fell, I decided not too :P

Ben and I stopped off at the pub for a drink and then ended back in Mission beach. Earlier in the day I bought a $2 flash light to go frog hunting.  I must have been out for an hour (or at least it felt like it) when I decided to give up. I walked to the house defeated and guess who greets me on the verandah? An awesome white lipped tree frog! These guys are actually the World's largest tree frog, pretty cool.

white lipped tree frog

White Lipped Tree Frog
We ended the night with a kiss in Carmen's rainforest backyard, Ben and I that is, 
not the frog and me :P

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