Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Day 9 - Mission Beach

south mission beach

So all good things must come to an end and we found ourselves on our last day in Mission Beach, taking it easy for our big drive back the following day. Which, by the way, I had us leaving at 4am to make sure we photographed all the big things on the way home!

We decided to visit Lacey Creek one last time for a swim, this time, going the less extreme jungle/spider web way and more the, 'pull up in the car park walk a few metres and dive into the water' way.

I also wanted to see the beach that, one last time...
mission beach

By this time it was lunch and also New Years Day so we were lucky to find Millers open, right on the beach front
millers at mission beach

They served the yummiest pizza
millers pizza

maybe made yummier by my cocktail!

We drove back to Carmen's place and packed, but not before stopping in at one of the neighbouring banana farms. Unbeknown to me at the time, banana prices were cheap everywhere but I was all excited cause I thought I had hit the jackpot!

banana trees

cheap bananas

banan plants

2 banana breads later and I'm still happy with my purchase. By the way has anyone ever tried to freeze ripe banana's? I did and let me tell you, what happens...the skin goes black in the freezer, you get them out to defrost and they defrost into this weird slimy mush. I googled and they're okay to eat, actually they are perfect for banana bread because you don't have to mash them up, but oh my goodness the texture is insane..slimy jelly and completely non appetising


  1. oooh yeah frozen banananananannas! you can make banana soft serve from them!

    you just need a blender or food processor or one of those hand-mix thingys. you just take the frozen banana out of the freezer and wizz it up before it defrosts and it makes instant soft serve! true story.

  2. That's super cool!
    no pun intended :P
    Well little intended!

  3. Yeah definitely also they're good for smoothies cause you don't then have to add ice and it makes them all creamy goodness :)

    Love these photos, as always!


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