Monday, January 16, 2012

Dreadlock Journey Begins Now!

I've been wanting dreadlocks for yonks and yonks and two years ago I finally committed to them and the growing-my hair-out process (*gulp* a long process!). Ben was also on the dreadlock pack with me though he's been less slack and set up his dreadlock appointment a few weeks ago. Unfortunately the way Ben's hair grows the dreadlock peeps said it wouldn't make for the best dreadlocks and instead he just got a few single dreads and wraps. A week or so ago Ben cut his hair short and I realised, how much I wanted short hair again!

Anyway I've talked so much about dreadlocks it was time to get them sorted. I'm not sure everyone knows this but to get your dreads professionally done it costs anywhere between $30-$50 an hour and with many hours involved the end cost is anywhere between $300-$500 *gulp*

I spent a day of you tubing and decided I could probably do my dreads myself, the below video I used as my bible!


So the journey begins now! And with all good journey's the dreaded (get it!) before pic...
before dreadlock pic

and three dreads later....hurrah!

after dreadlock pic

At the moment they are looking very un-neat!
first dreads

This is where the crochet hook comes into the picture, to tighten and neaten those bad boys up!

crochet hook

I'd like to say these first 3 dreads took ten minutes but unfortunately more like a few hours! So I'm just going to do a few everyday or you know, every few days and keep you guy updated on the process.

This video below shows a good crochet technique...


Woot, I also learnt that dreads really need time to become awesome and to really lock up, seems like a year is the time when your dreads become dread-a-licous 

Recap of Dreadlock Journey: Two Weeks In / Three Weeks In / Finished 


  1. Oh wow! Can't wait to see the progression :)
    Clever thing you, doing your own dreads!

  2. currently up to four dreads..slow process, it's fun though, like crafting my own hair, he he he!

  3. this is SO FUN! i'm all down with DIY hair :) i can't wait to see them. so does this mean that you'll have them for at least a year before you shave your head?

  4. I think I will keep them in for a year at least to let them reach full potential! At the rate I'm going though it's going to take a year to get them. I'm only up to four dreads :P

  5. OH just had the BEST IDEA EVER! you should have a 'dreadlock making party'! and have reggae music and pina coladas and weed and everyone can make a few! it'll be done in no time :)

  6. Sounds good to me and plus they are really fun to make, wouldn't be a chore at all :P

    I would actually be more on top of it, if it wasn't for the insane trickery of sectioning off your own hair using hand held mirrors. I don't know if my brain is completely mong, but I can't seem to grasp, doing a task by looking in a mirror, the backward-ness of it, confuses the hell out of me!


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