Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Day 2 Nth Qld - Tully

So on Christmas Day we woke up and opened gifts, I got the most amazing gift from the Glynn's
cool christmas wrapping
Just look at that presentation..gasp!
I was also surprised with a beautiful photo book that Ben put together for me :)

So after getting our Christmas cheer on we knew nothing would be open today but nature so we decided to take advantage of that and headed to Murray Falls which is close to Tully which is a town back from Mission beach *breathes out*

tully town
The town of Tully
tully golden gumboot

It just so happens that Tully has a giant gumboot and so begins my mission to photograph all the big things in QLD! Or at least all the big things along the coastline. So why does Tully have a giant golden gumboot you ask? Well a rubber gumboot use to be awarded to the town with the highest rainfall in Australia, Tully is always up there with the winners and thus they took the small rubber gumboot to the extreme! I guess you could say extreme gloating!

ben top of big gumboot
What I like about this 7.9 metres high boot is that you can actually go inside of it. Ben and I have constructed a big things rating system and this is one of the scoring musts! More on that later though!

fee wearing gumboots at the giant gumboot
and one for good measure, found this highly amusing, me in gumboots standing in front a giant gumboot :P
amazing, no?
banana trees tully

banana trees
We then drove past the thriving Tully banana trees, at the time I was thinking why on earth was Brisbane's banana prices so high when there was clearly an abundance here and being sold so cheaply (on returning home I found out that banana are cheap everywhere!)

anyhoo we arrived at murray falls

murray falls trees
such a lovely place

murrayfalls fee


murray falls

bird nests
lots of birds

and butterflies

fee at murray falls
and the loveliest water to swim in

fungi at murray falls

After exploring and getting wet on this amazingly hot and humid day we headed back into Mission beach to get a snap with Mission's own big thing..why yes the big cassowary

big cassowary ben
Ben got beeped by some guys in a car whilst posing for this shot :P

We stumbled across some more cassowary action in Mission Beach

cassowary sign
but unfortuantely no real cassowary sightings :(
The signs get you all excited but then majorly let down when you don't see any

That night we curled up to watch the Bill Murray scrooged film, I had never seen it but it was awesome! We also went on a failed frog mission in Carmen's yard and played with sparklers.
ben with sparklers

I have to say the perfect way to finish off Christmas!


  1. Aww Christmas :)
    Glad you liked your present, it was a bit of a mishmash hehe

    Love that big gumboot, looks like you guys had a super fun Christmas day xo

  2. It was such a cool present heather! I've got to get onto making my reindeer now :) By the way your present arrived, hurrah! So I can give it to you guys on Friday :) Better late than never I guess


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