Friday, February 3, 2012

Dreadlock Journey - two weeks in

So I wish I had a bit more of an update for you guys but it's really hard to section your hair by yourself, dreading is the easy bit (well that's my excuse anyway!). I now have four dreadlock as opposed to three, ha! What I really want to show is how much they have locked up!

From this (<---- click to go to my previous entry) to this...

fee's week two dreadlocks

locking up dreadlocks!

week two dreadlocks
they have shortened as well in the locking up process!

It's been fun crocheting my hair, I bring a crochet hook (1.5mm) everywhere I go and just tuck in the loose hairs when I'm bored. I don't do it excessively, maybe every few days and for no longer than ten minutes at a time. The video below shows a good technique

I know hair locks up naturally but it's fun to speed it up a bit! I'm also having no trouble washing my hair either but I imagine when my whole head is covered, in dreadlocks, it might be more tedious! I bought some residue free shampoo and I make sure to completely dry my dreads out after washing!

So my next goal is of course to make more dreadlocks (doh) and get those ends rounded up, apparently one of the hardest parts, eep!

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  1. Wow they're on their way!! :-)
    Can't wait til it's done I reckon it will suit you!
    How are u going chickadee? Xx

  2. Thanks Heather, slowly but surely!
    Going great, just working heaps, blargh! Oh well such as life :P

  3. oooh i really like these posts! it's fun to see them progress

  4. Yeah they have really changed in two weeks, will have to do another update soon!


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