Thursday, February 2, 2012

Queensland Big Things - From Mission Beach to the Sunshine Coast

We said goodbye to Mission Beach at the unreasonable time of 4am for the tight 'Big things' sighting schedule....
It didn't really go to schedule though cause, as weird as it is, stopping to see a big thing, on average, increases your trip by half an hour, I didn't expect that :P

5am: Cardwell. The Big Crab
The Big Crab - Cardwell
This one although right on the Bruce hwy (main road through Cardwell) we couldn't find it because  it was still friggen dark, wasn't expecting that! By the time we found it (Cardwell isn't even a big place) the light was coming up, so I was able to snap a pic.  I guess all's well that end's well!

7am Townsville. On trying to locate the Big Brolga (outside Townsville South Tourist centre btw) we ended up at the wrong tourist centre and completely disheartened.  Eep why was this so difficult??  In getting lost though we did find, the big spider, outside the Museum of Tropical Queensland, (Wickham St), which was not even on my list...score!
The Big Spider

If we would of kept going through Townsville instead of wondering aimlessly we would of seen the Big Brolga, no problem!
The Big Brolga
Ta daaaa

Townsville also promised a Big Melon but after spending way too much time getting lost I decided to write that one off, that was until...

BAM it's sitting in someone's property along the Bruce Hwy. The closest town sign I saw was Gumlu...
The Big Watermelon
The cool thing about this one is you can go inside it!

Next was The Big Snake in Ayre.
Can't miss this one, on the Bruce Hwy in Plantation Park
The Big Snake

Ayre's Big Snake and fee

Big Snake in Ayre

The Big Snake and Ben
He definitely earned his big name :)

Next on the list, The Big Mango, hard to miss, just make sure you don't actually go through the town of Bowen like we mistakenly did..opps. Just keep following the good old Bruce!
The Big Mango

I think we were meant to be in Mackay not too long after nine, but the big things really set us back and I remember us getting there around lunch time. Mackay has a big Slouch Hat at an RSL.   After asking a few peeps, we gave up and headed into Sarina to see the Big Cane Toad, another easy to find Big Thing, right in the town's centre
The Big Cane Toad

The Big Cane Toad
It was then onto Rocky and trying to locate the Big Dugong, we gave up, knowing we be back in a few days time, for Shane's 30th birthday at Agnes Waters. I decided I'd put in some more research on it's whereabouts :)

Rockhampton also has a million Big Bulls so it wasn't hard to take a least one picture..

Not as special when there are a few of them :P
The Big Bull
At this stage, 12 hours already on the road and six and a half more hours to go, we were getting really tired. The sun was soon to be gone, and knowing we were back in a few days, meant I gave up the Big Things Photo bonanza for the day.

So i'll leave you on that rather boring bull note...

But stay tuned!
We did return!


  1. I love the big melon! Big cane toad is pretty gross lol though Martha would love to try licking it :-P

  2. Definitely gross but kinda what makes him cool :P
    I'd love that big melon in my backyard! he he


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