Wednesday, January 18, 2012

North Qld Day 3 - Lacey Creek

ben at lacey creek

On Carmen's recommendation we decided to go check out Lacey Creek in Mission Beach. We kind of went down the wrong path and ended up in the middle of the rainforest. Well sort of,  we were still on a well defined track but I don't think it got a lot of use and thus every few steps you would encounter a spider web, smack bang, in your face!
(I let Ben go first :P)

ben photographing spider


You can probably see by Ben's arms it was super hot and humid, I'd say it's the most I've ever sweated in my life so we were pretty stoked that after a few km's of trekking we came to this...

ben swimming lacey creek 2

ben swimming at lacey creek

North Qld beaches might suck due to stingers but there waterholes are amazing, we often found ourselves with no one around either, which was magical!

lacey creek


We ventures on to discover lots of butterflies


and fan palms, a speciality up north!
fan palms

ulysses butterfly

ulysses butterfly on ben's hand
The Ulysses butterfly, which is a bit of a icon up here, I guess cause they are super pretty and blue!
Did I mention there are a LOT of butterflies up North, which I loved :)

falling branches sign
And one of the many amusing signs up north!

So that was our morning, our afternoon was filled with Spanish castles :)


  1. Ahh this place really looks like Fee and Ben paradise!! Beautiful!!

    Haha do like that sign too *bonk*

  2. Yeah it was so cool :) I have a definite fondness for up North!


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