Thursday, January 5, 2012

Top Five Movies of 2011

This list maybe a bit controversial because I didn't actually see all that many movies last year but I thought it would be fun to continue on the tradition from 2010 :)

So counting down backwards the winner for fifth place goes too...
5. Twilight - Breaking Dawn Part 1
:P As someone suckered into the twilight movies purely for their overwhelming romantic cheese, this Part Oner actually was pretty engaging for a movie. I dragged Ben along and even he commented that it wasn't as cringe worthy as anticipated. It definitely shocked me in that it strayed slightly from the fairytale cutesy, though in saying all this, if you hate twilight, don't see it :P

4. Drive
Drive was a flick I was pleasantly surprised watching. Limited dialogue, a wacky unfitting soundtrack and odd characters, all of which grow on you as the movie progresses. I have to admit I did have to cover my eyes in a few scenes due to violence but that was easily avoided and I came away giving this one a thumbs up!

3. Fright Night
What an awesome oddball of a movie, seemingly taking the piss of my number 5th choice which I appreciate as someone who likes to take the piss of themselves regularly :) I can't believe I haven't seen the original..must rectify that this year!

2. Red State
I don't think it did too well in the ratings stake but I have to say I loved this movie! It was another one where my hand had to go up to my face a few times but the violence was over written by my desire to keep watching the crazy twists! This movie is for those who appreciate all things dark and odd!


1. Bridesmaids
Oh my goodness this movie had me in chronic stitches, probably to the embarrassment of Ben beside me in the cinema.  I loved the actors in this movie, they were obviously written characters and often in unrealistic situations but something about them made them everyday relatable peeps. It also had the lovely Rose Burne in it which always is a plus for me :) Anyway if you haven't seen this it and if you don't laugh, I send my apologies to you now!

On a side note...the worst movie of 2011 goes to The Beaver
Mel Gibson what were you thinking?


  1. Hahahaha that picture of mel gibson really sums it up hey? Saw a preview for that on one of the dvds we got for christmas and I definitely had a WTF feeling even watching that! :)

  2. yeah can't believe we payed to go see that one, oops thought it might have been an oddball cool movie, but it was predictable and crud! boo to that!


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