Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Back Up North - Agnes Waters

agnes waters

So a few days later we drove north again, this time not as far, just to a place called Agnes Waters which is next door to 1770, named so because Captain Cook landed there in well, 1770, and being the first place he stepped ashore in Queensland, it's got some cred. Though our indigenous people had well and truly already stepped there but hey that's a whole other story.

So Shane gave me very clear instructions and I didn't follow them but drove to 1770 rather than to Agnes waters. I kind of had a freak out thinking we would have to set our tent up in the dark. Of course looking back I'd love to tell myself that I was silly and all would be fine, actually I think Ben was telling me this but I'm a silly stress filled girl sometimes. We made it to camp and all was right in the Cosmo.

So we meet the camping gang, grabbed some tucker and drifted to bed
camping at workmans beach

As with all good camping the sun woke us up way too early.  I decided to check out the beach but took the wrong track and ended up on this crazy long walk, which was nice but it was also a billion degrees and I forgot to bring water :(

going for a walk

spider web





I finally made it to the beach but it was too scary and rocky for me in the water to go swimming. I had visions of myself being thrown onto the rocks and with not another soul on the beach, no one would know.  My mind goes to some melodramatic places sometimes


agnes waters beach

It was still super pretty but hot!
So I made the long trek back to camp

walking track

I must have taken another wrong turn cause I ended out on the road, luckily not too far from the camp. By this time I was super dehydrated and imagined this is what Captain Cook went through, heck I was Captain Cook :P few hours later (well it seemed that long) I was back in camp and gulping down some water :)

Later in the day, we all went to the beach again this time taking the right, much shorter track :P

the gang

rocks 3

ben at the beach

rocks 2

shell bracelet team
we made shell bracelets

isla and ben colouring in
and hang out

and I even went for a swim, less rocks and more people made me feel a lot better!


camp set up

Later on in the day we got back to camp to chillax and caught up with our neighbouring campers, Christian and Angus. Does anyone else have trouble remember names?  I'm a shocker. Shane pointed out their names were easy to remember, as they were Christian kids and Angus, well the Angus beef burger at McDonald's. It's all a bit silly but hey I haven't forgotten their names! We all headed down to the beach at night, got our sparkler action on and listened to stories of love..it was great!



  1. YAY! Love camping parties :) HAPPY 30TH SHANE !!!

  2. I had momentarily forgotten the radness that is camping!
    crying shame!


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