Wednesday, February 8, 2012


We left Agnes Waters early Sunday morning, said goodbye to the birthday boy and headed up to Rockhampton to go visit the Capricorn caves. Like Chillagoe the Capricorn caves are limestone though these ones are situated above ground, which made them slightly less cooler than Chillagoe, sorry Capricorn!


cave 4

cave 3

cave 2

ben in the cave

My favourite part of the tour was the Cathedral Cave complete with church pews and acoustics better than the Sydney Opera house. I had one of the lame goose bump moments when everything went quite and the tour guide put on "hallelujah" by...mmm, not Leonard, not Mr. Buckley, more Buckley than Cohen though :P Anyway as someone that isn't the biggest music nerd, I was completely sucked into the beauty I found myself in, life sat still for three minutes.

capricorn cave

inside cave

cave 5

Although Chillagoe is still better, Capricorn was still amazing! The tour guide spoke of some extreme caving they offer which will we need to do one day, think very tiny crawl through spaces! He also mentioned a tour which sees you leaning off over a cliff, whilst bats fly up from beneath you and snakes crawl near you trying to eat the bats. Sounds completely terrifying and something to come back for :)

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