Saturday, February 11, 2012


Kohei Nawa Deer
Kohei's Nawa's Deer!

Aurukun artists
Aurukun Artist's Work

Eep, Can't believe I haven't blogged my shots from GOMA.  What a fun current collection, the Gallery of Modern Art has at the moment! I think it finishes up in March, so make sure if you live somewhere close to Brisbane you take a visit :)


Look Now, See Forever

Yayoi Kusama's flowers and Ben

Look Now, See Forever

Yayoi Kusama's flower and fee

Yayoi Kusama: Look Now, See Forever

The Goma has gone Yayoi Kusama mad! I love the obliteration room which was just covered in stickers

Yayoi Kusama's The obliteration room

Though despite all of Kusama's awesome-ness my favourite display went to , 'we miss you magic land!'.  This exhibition was all about art made mostly from sugar, ahh I was in a pastel princess dream!
we miss you magic land!

we miss you magic land! 1

we miss you magic land!  3

we miss you magic land!  2
eeep, just amazing!
Unfortunately Ben and I got there half an hour before closing so we had to do this crazy zip through.  I could have easily spent a few more hours breathing in the pastel fumes of fun :)


  1. Wow that does look amazing!!! :-)

  2. I always love the school holiday timed collections! Art that includes kids is usually always more exciting than static adult stuff :P

  3. how awesometown! now i've got something cultural to do whilst in brisbane *gasp* who would've thought? hahaha

    kusama is so fun too! i don't know how they manage to have an exhibition at Tate Modern in London as well as this one?? she must have like zillions of awesome shit to display! amazement.

  4. Oh yeah you have to go!!
    Kusama is such a cool old lady, I guess her age means a big body of work? lol
    They have a picture of her and she has the cutest most colourful bob! I want to be like her when I'm old!


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