Friday, February 10, 2012

Some More Big things!

So during our Agnes Waters camping weekend we checked out some more Big Things

First stop was Maryborough for the Big Ned Kelly, who did not disappoint!
You have to detour off the Bruce hwy for Maryborough but I think it was worth it. Ben struck up conversation with the lady inside the Petrol Station...why a big Ned Kelly? Apparently Ned came up this way to visit rellies :P not sure about that one, but who cares he's cool!

Big Ned Kelly and Ben

Bundaberg was next with it's Big Barrel, Big Rum Bottle and Big Turtle, whilst none of these actually stole the show, it's always impressive for a town to have three big things!

The Big Barrel

The Big rum Bottle

The Big Turtle

From Bundaberg it's back to the Bruce hwy where you'll find yourself in Miriam Vale checking out the Big Crab also at the local servo

The Big Crab

Next on the list, Rockhampton and it's Big Dugong
(located inside the Dreamtime Heritage Centre).
Check out the beast, pretty impressive huh?
The Big Dugong

The Big Dugong

Further East and we arrived in Yeppoon to find the Big Kinka Whale which was possibly one of my favourite big things we spotted. He sits outside an abandoned Marine Centre.  I'll admit I have a soft spot for abandoned things :P

coral life marine land

ben at the big kinka whale

kinka whale

the big kinka whale

I'm still collecting photos of big things and eventually want to collate a big list and give each a rating and some brief directions.  I know when researching big things myself, info was all over the google shop.  So just in case, there is someone out there, just as crazy as me, in regards to their love of big things, they'll be able to print out a simple guide :) That's the plan anyway!

P.S they weren't necessarily 'big things'' but Ben and I did stop in at a cool shop on the way home, worth sharing a few pics from anyway :)


Cassowary Sighting!

Jake's love of Giraffe's has definitely rubbed off on me, thanks Jake!


  1. Hehe I like the dugong and the whale :)
    We saw a similar whale at tivoli, same idea with the mouth being the entry to a building :)

  2. Tivoli..eep, somewhere in Europe?! Hopefully that's a good guess :)
    I think it's really neat the mouth is the door, totally props to the person that thought of it, mega cute!

  3. I'm just as crazy and always on the hunt. Currently completing a Google map with Address's and came across your page for the BIG Whale in Yappoon. Been up and down the HWY in Google maps but still no luck. Don't suppose you have a physical address for him? or the nearest available i can input??

    Havent yet completed my list but if you're interested here's a link.

    1. Oops only just seeing this now Megan, I totally get how frustrating it is not to have an address! If you still haven't found him and manage to see this comment, I'll link you to the write up I did over on my Big Things blog

      It's got the address and you can also click the QLD link up top and see all the other big things (with addresses!) too :)


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