Friday, March 2, 2012

Developing Old Film

For the last two years now, a poor underwater disposable camera has lived in the bottom of my beach bag.   I got it developed just recently, so I thought I'd share the random bunch of images on it. I've always loved the mystery of film

Rainbow Beach
Taken at Rainbow beach at one of the many camping trips to Double Island, I should go camping more!

Lots of pics from Wet N Wild, where I went for my birthday two years ago now!
Wet n Wild

Wet n Wild fee

Wet n Wild

Ben at Wet n Wild
It's funny to see a pic of Ben when we first started dating.  I was half hating on him here because he didn't get me a Birthday card, gulp, one day I'll forgive him for that one :P
and finally a snap from the Great Barrier Reef
Great Barrier Reef
Weeee, told you it was random! Talking of random I'm blogging from the local library as my computer is dying from it's virus. It's kind of fun to be at the library *shield's screen* no privacy though :P

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