Thursday, March 1, 2012


Ikea Saft Flader

Emaya suggested I pick up a bottle of Elderflower cordial when we were at Ikea. Now I may have been living under a rock because this was the first time I'd heard of drinking flowers :P

My first sip, I was instantly a fan. I'm not sure if I'm making up the right consistency but in the last few years I've become a fan of watered down cordial so this was perfect.
As I sip away, I daydream to my fantasy World where I'm lying on a deck chair, beside a pool with a huge floppy hat on.

Ikea Saft Flader

I was then chatting to Shane who was all clued on the good older elderflower and pointed me in the direction of elderflower and lime ciders...mmm

All I can say is yummo!
A quick visit to Dan Murphy's and 20 bucks later I'm a happy lass


  1. oooh great heads-up on the cider! i'm gonna try some toooooo


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