Sunday, March 11, 2012

Square One Exhibition

Still working on combating this internet virus but thought I would pop in and show my art that was in the Square One exhibition the other week :) I'd been thinking a lot about things in hair, I still remember the time when I was staying at my Grandparents and my older brother, Andrew accidentally spat bubblegum in my long hair, resulting in a bubble gum ban from then on. I have to say pretty devastating news for a pair of kids. Ahem I'm rambling. The art was based around three emotions, anger, contentment and sadness. 
See if you can pick them :P

Poisonous Fungi
'Poisonous fungi'

Overcast Skye
'Overcast Skye'

Strawberries and Cream
"Strawberries and Cream"


  1. aww gum ban! In the era of hubba bubba...nooooo!!
    Was very proud to check out your art in the square one exhibition - looked awesome! :D

  2. The gum ban was definitely tough I remember, Andrew sneaking some gum balls in the lolly cup at World for Kids, I can't remember if we got away with that or not :P

    Thanks for coming and keeping me company :)


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