Monday, April 9, 2012

Ant Bite

This was the tragic photo before I got bitten again by those horrible jumping ants!

My poor left big toe suffered the wrath that is the angry ant bite. Funnily enough in the same spot I got bitten last time All the poison has gone now but it did leave me brutalised for a least two days afterwards, keeping me up at night with insane itchiness, all from one little ant!

The funny story behind this tragedy is that Ben and I were travelling back into his home by the abandoned lot on the otherwise of his house. When I saw the lot I straight away went "no no no" knowing that, was where I got bitten the last time. Ben looked at me like some freak and said he would give me a hundred dollars if I got bitten. Seemed win win to me, so I trusted him. I think we all know how this story ends, one ant bite later and I'm too nice to hold him to his promise, definitely loose/loose for me :p


  1. Oh no Fee!!!! :( Ben - totally pay up! Poor Fee, those bites hurt like crazy - I reckon worse than a wasp sting.
    That's pretty insane its the same toe as last time, must be a tasty toe hehe
    Hope it's not hurting anymore!

  2. He should totally pay up shouldn't he? Lol nah he's a good boyfriend went out and bought me breakfast in bed this morning, so I won't be mean. But yes those ant bites are so bad, ouchie. Not going out into the yard without gumboots, anymore! Lol

  3. Hehe yeah he's a good fella :) I'd totally deck myself out like Melanie in degrassi, when she's worried about the snake in the school :) (I may have overwatched those dvds)

  4. Gosh I can't even remember that episode, you definitely reign degassing queen :)

    Happy Easter Monday


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