Thursday, April 5, 2012

Love Heart Cake

loveheart_cake 3

loveheart cake 2

loveheart cake

Been trying out some new cake recipes, this one being a boiled chocolate cake, which in this case, meant you mixed the wet ingredients over the stove! It boiled in the saucepan like I was creating a magic potion, in the end I was left with a super moist cake :)


  1. Wow a boiled cake! Looks pretty darn awesome Fee, and love heart *dies* :)
    *big thursday hug for you*

  2. Love hearts always make things better, don't they?
    So looks like I'll be coming down to Brisbane on Sunday, not sure when I'll rock up at your place but I might swing you a text when I leave Mums and see where you guys are at, I imagine it will be late arvo


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