Monday, June 4, 2012

The Blue Hour

I'm always hearing about this magical photo hour called "the golden hour" (the last hour of the sun rising/setting) where the lighting is golden and in turn makes everything look pretty.
Fast forward to the other day when Ben and I headed out to Shelly beach to do some shell collecting. I got home and as I took the photos off the camera where shocked to see most were blue! A bit of research later and I discover "the blue hour" the point when the sun has set but night hasn't completely fallen, twilight :) It all happened so quickly too! At one point Ben signalled for me to come over to him to get a pretty "golden hour" sunset shot and by the time I walked a few metres, the lighting had changed to blue!


  1. both hours are magical and i click all the way when i'm near the river or the sea to capture all the change .D
    this are magical :)

    1. I love how light can make a scene change completely - I'm with you both are magical :)


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